Thursday, March 28, 2013

Maundy Thursday

When I first heard this term (or paid attention to it) I was a little tickled because it reminded me of the quote from You've Got Mail. From Tom Hanks "maundy, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday". I can't remember what the quote is about or where it is in the movie...but still, it tickles me just the same.

What's the meaning of this day?

maun·dy thurs·day
The Thursday before Easter, observed in the Christian Church as a commemoration of the Last Supper.

Maundy is from a Latin word meaning commemorated. This is the day we historically celebrate the last supper. But what does that mean to me today and this week we are celebrating?

For one, it means that this starts the epic events we all know. This is the last meal before Jesus was nailed to that tree. Of course Jesus takes this opportunity to serve his disciples by washing their feet (and they didn't get it) and by having the last supper. Remember Jesus was a Galilean Jew. They celebrated the last supper...the meal they are celebrating can be translated as last supper. ( If I knew Hebrew, I'd tell you more.) It was done by the first born males in rememberance of the pass over. After this meal, the first born sons would typically fast for the next 24 hours.

So (2) Jesus is performing his duties at this meal....but it means a little more. He tells them to the the cup and drink and remember him. Then to take the bread and remember him. This snack of wine and bread was common for the Jews of that time. Every time they snacked they could remember him.

What would happen if you remembered him every time you snacked? Think about it. Not just communion but every handful of almonds or apple. How would your relationship with our savior change if you thought of him that often?

It's a beautiful thought. I want to encourage you to remember Maundy Thursday this evening. Remember that the night after this meal Jesus knew what was about to happen....but he did it anyway.

He was thinking of you to the end. He died for you. He rose again to save you.

So, think of him when you snack. was dark at noon. I think the universe mourned....

Joyfully full of it,

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

After he cleansed the temple, he spent 3 days teaching in the temple. Many people came to hear this amazing teacher. They were eager to hear from him. There is an enthusiasm to hear his words.

We are coming to the end of the week. Are you preparing your heart? Have you approached the throne this week and laid at his feet? Take your 5 minutes of me time to listen for his voice.

Thursday and Friday are full of events and leading to the day that everything changed.

Joyfully full of it,

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Did this term "fruity" mean something else when you were in junior high? I learned this term about the same time I learned that green M&M's would make you horny. Whatever that meant.

It's Tuesday. Is this day significant for you? Or just a regular old Tuesday. Today Jesus took time to talk to his disciples about bearing fruit. (Come on, you knew I would circle back around....a random thought with a purpose. Let's call it adult onset attention disorder.)

He stopped on the road between Bethany and Jerusalem. It amazes me that Jesus knew what would be happening in a few days BUT he still took the time to teach his disciples. Again. And I'm pretty sure they still didn't get it. How wonderful that our savior chooses to love us and teach us even with his death on the horizon.

Bear Fruit. If you are not bearing fruit, you are as useless as a fig tree without fruit. But if you have faith and practice, you can move mountains. In our world, that mountain may be a dramatic 6 year old. But moving her with patience and grace will show her how a momma is supposed to love and give her confidence that she can move mountains too.

Get a little fruity today. Move mountains...and I don't mean push. Love on your mountains and mole-hills.

Practice your faith in front of them do they know what it means to follow Jesus....Especially this week as we follow him to the cross..

What happens on Wednesday? How will we continue to keep Jesus' journey on our mind this week?

Joyfully moving dramatic mountains and mopey mole-hills,


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Monday, March 25, 2013


Passion week. Have you heard of it? It means lent is coming to an end which makes me evaluate the last 40 days, the decisions made, and what I'm going to do about it.

It surprises me that its here so quickly.
I have really enjoyed the challenge.

No Facebook. And in its absence I have been blesses with some wonderful friendships and conversations. I'm tempted to stay our of social media. I'm quite satisfied with my little bubble world I've been in this month.

But what does this week really mean? What do we focus on?

Will it be the triumphal entry? (Sunday.....Palm Sunday)
Will we shout "hosanna" or "crucify him"?
Sunday to Thursday....and they nailed him to a tree. But what happened in the middle? Each day of this week is significant. I hope you will take your "me" time and spend it thinking about what Jesus did for you.

On Sunday they cheered as he entered Jerusalem on a donkey.
On Monday, he came to the temple and overturned the money changers tables because they were greedy. He called them robbers and was absolutely enraged that they would turn the temple into a den of robbers.

What happens on Tuesday? Wednesday? Thursday?

How will you start your celebration of passion week? Start today. Think about his holy anger and his extreme love for you.


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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Have you taken time to breathe in and exhale? Exhale the yuck. The frustrations. The holy crispness of the day. Exhale. Five minutes to you will rinse the soul.

I've missed y'all. So much family time without the unglued support group can be dangerous!

I tried to take time for me during the break. Practiced yoga at Aunt Linda's once. Lots of reading too. It was wonderful. I even got a sunburn on my feet.

Now we are back to it. I keep finding myself reading books and blogs about how loved we are. And how that love is sustaining and strengthening.

I have some ideas and exciting plans for us as we finish up the school year. Can wait to see you beauties on Friday!!

Joyfully full of it...just wait, I've saved up three weeks of me just for you. ;)

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Give it and get it

Are you gearing up for spring break? Are you dreading several days of full time parenting? This is just a glimpse of will be here before you know it. And they will be with you ALL. THE. TIME. I hope that we have equipped you to face each day full of grace. I won't go crazy and pretend like we are overflowing with it, but I'd like to assume your grace bucket is fuller than it was 7 months ago.

I've not lost it to Katelynn's face in a while but I'm fully aware that it will come soon.....

The next habit we are tackling is knowing how to give and get love. We've talked about the 5 love languages and their importance in keeping those love buckets full. Do you remember what your is? How about your hubby and kiddos? These buckets must be full. And your grace bucket. Do you feel like a bucket juggler?

The 5 love languages are:
Physical touch (not sex)
Quality time
Gift giving (receiving)
Words of affirmation
Acts of service

So, value yourself enough to grab an inner friend and meet me on Friday morning. For the next two days, (during your alone time...) pray about overflowing with love and grace for the next two weeks. Maybe if we can get through spring break gracefully, it will become a real habit!

Joyfully full of it and ready yo see you!

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things. -Robert Brault

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Get Out Of The Way

This started as a vent to the lady that flipped me off this morning. And to the multiple elite drivers that cut me off on my commute in.... elite (sarcasm). They must be elite because they obviously feel they are far superior to me and my car. How dare I drive on a road built for them...

Unrelated: I need to invent a sarcasm font so that you know when it's dripping onto the page...

Back to it... It dawned on me as I fantasized how to ram into her Mercedes with the love of Christ that maybe (sarcasm font) I need to pray about my attitude and pay attention to how I love the world around me. Even though its full of non-driving selfish fools. (Okay, got it out.... I feel better)

Here's my revelation.... I'm not in charge. God has showed me time and time again that I am not the boss (much to my dismay). The few times I have relinquished that control an overwhelming peace kicks that well of entitlement out of my mind and heart. LOVE. It's not just a four letter word valentine theme. If we are to live gracious lives that ooze patience and humility, we must love those fools.

I thought of Job and how my silly commute is nothing compared to what he endured. (Then I felt so very small... And un-entitled). If you don't know the story, check it out. The book of Job in the bible. Even his friends turned on him... Makes my Facebook-fast isolation seem ridiculous. At least I don't have boils all over my body (ignore the new chin my face has decided to grow - zit city!)

My verse to start March is from Job.

Job 42:2, ESV version
I know that you can do all things and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.

The Message version
I'm convinced: You can do anything and everything. Nothing and no one can upset your plans.

(Can we say Heavenly Slap!!!!???!!!)

I trust that every car i passed is watched and loved by my Heavenly Father. i do not deserve His love more. Mrs. Mercedes needed my love today. I pray that someone shows her kindness today and that tomorrow she is able to be gracious to her husband and family because she was so blessed by someone today.

Lift your head up and put your smile on.
Be kind to someone today and know that your love well will be filled in return!

Joyfully full of it,

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