Monday, December 17, 2012

Unglued? Really?

Are you unglued? Do feel like you've lost it by 6:45 am each morning?

I think that's one of the glamorous parts of motherhood. Unglued and fabulous! Be encouraged that you are not alne! There are thousdands of us. Being unglued is not the only way! Don't stuff your frustrations or collect retaliation rocks for a future argument! Twice a month we get together to laugh at/with you at our shared failures and frustrations and we are determined to expect more!

Reclaim your joy and sanity with us in 2013. Step by step we will choose joy together!

Step 1 was making a list of my awesomeness. An actual list to r epeat to yiurself when Crazy (the chick in your head) throws the internal doubt at you. If you can't make a list, ask for help! I guarantee your best friend can help with it!

Step 2: maintain key friendships. This one is hard for some of us. You are either a friend person or not. Making time firvfriends and being deliberatectakes effort but its worth it. Even Jesus has 3! Find at least one to start your inner circle of friends. The outer group is easy and probably quite a bit bigger than your inner group. As our children grow, we will need these inner women to love on us through the tragedy and joy Life will throw at you. (And it helps to have support when fighting "crazy").

We will start step 3 January 11, 2013 at the Sweet Hope Cafe at 8ish. Our book is 10 Habits of Happy Mothers by Meg Meeker. (ha ha, did you think "crazy" and i came up with that on our own?)

Blessings and Joy to you beautiful! Chin up!
Get that list together so you ready to combat those inner beatdowns that are so prevalent for beautiful strong women. . . Like you!

Joyfully full of it ;)

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