Saturday, January 12, 2013

You gotta have faith

Habit #1: Knowing you worth. Make a list of why you are fabulous. Asks your best friend if you can't come up with a list. And repeat that list every time the crazy chick in your head says anything other than how fabulous you are.

Habit #2: Be a good friend and find some good friends. Be intentional and develop an inner group of friends now while your kiddos are little do that you will have this group when the kids get older.

Habit #3: Value and practice your faith. We practice faith everyday when we drop those kiddos off at school or when we kiss our hubby goodbye for the day. We have a lot of trust in this world. We have to.

But that other kind of faith is important too. Faith in God and a relationship that you work on while things are good. That way when you are slammed with the Junk that life can throw at you, you already have a relationship with God and the kind of faith that will get you through.

Practicing your faith includes having a place to practice. The people you meet at church will love and support you when other people in your life will not. When my dad passed away, it wasn't the people I knew casually from school or other activities that checked on me and loved was my church family and my INNER friends.

We will talk about habit #4 next time....

Until then, I want to challenge you to find this faith community. If you don't have a church family, start looking for one. If you don't really know what you believe or what this whole faith thing is about, let's talk. Try out some churches. None are perfect but I know you will find one that fits for your family.

Be encouraged. Be loved. I lost it with my kids on Friday night which was fantastic since it happened just a few hours after we met.... Yep, I'm a real life example of an Unglued Mother. (Capitalized because it is a title!)

Joyfully full of it....and enjoying every minute of it.


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