Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resoluting? You should!

Why yes, I just made up that word, but I think it should be a word.

Do you believe in this process of taking the circumstance of a new year and making changes to how you were living the previous year? I try not to make resolutions unless I feel like I need another form of failure in my life. BUT since we all know that daily failure (by 8am) is common for me, then you must understand my point.... No resolutions here.

But I do like the thought of starting fresh. We start fresh everyday and every 30 minutes sometimes...and we keep on trucking.

I am being resolute about some things.

res·o·lute /ˈrezəˌlo͞ot/
Adjective: Admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.
Synonyms: determined - firm - decided - resolved - decisive

(Okay, so did it amuse you that I'm already claiming that what I'm about to write is admirable?? Really, would you expect anything less!!). ;)

Losing weight: I am just getting over the flu, which is why this post is a day later an I wanted to be. So the good news is I lost my appetite for about a week and am totally taking advantage of the few less pounds. It makes it easier to decide I'm going to work out and watch what I eat.

Running a race: it's going to be a 10k. I've been half-ass training since October. (Like running ---wogging--- once a week.....). I am running in March with my friend and I have to pay for the race by the middle of January in order to save $15. And since I am cheap, ill pay early and hopefully my cheapness (no refunds) will be enough motivation to not stand my friend up and actually run. (To be continued)

Better than last year: this is the one "resolution" that I have kinda stuck with. It's very subjective and vague. And easy to keep. Losing it by 8:05.... At least it's better than last year. ;)

Thankful daily: I'm gonna try being thankful for something every day, and write it down. I started today, so I played catch up and here's what I'm thankful for so far this year.

1/1/13: Thankful for Mike, my super hot husband who loves me for some unknown reason. Thankful for Michael, my tender hearted son, who is driving me batty as he tries to figure out how to be a growing boy.
Thankful for Katelynn, my lovely daughter, who is growing up too fast and has the determination of a warrior and the pizzazz of a princess.

1/2/13: I am thankful for my home. Even when I have to clean the floors after someone I was previously thankful for tracks mud all over the house.
The last thing we are trying for 2013 is scripture memory. Two a month and I'm actually following a plan on Beth Moore's website

I'm so ready to see you and hear about all of your glorious unglued moments over the holidays. Be sure to reach out to another mom this week. Encourage her and invite her to our group.

Joyfully full of it!

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