Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What I learned over summer vacation.... By Tiffany Lewis

1. Summer time makes us all HANGRIER than usual!

2. Having Claire (the rock star nanny) for a month of the summer was delightful and was THE WAY to enjoy summer vacation!!

3. We missed Claire during August!

4. My summer bubble was wonderful and empty by my choice. And after I stopped checking my email and phone like a mad woman, I was able to slow down a little and enjoy the nothing.

5. I get lonely when my bubble is empty. (It's not a perfected process). Two more months of summer and I would have it down.

6. Even if you get up early ALL summer to work out and sweat, you can still get the summer suppleness.

7. I hate the summer suppleness.

8. If my children do not have food in their mouths at 11 and 3, ugly things will come out of their mouths.

9. Their momma also needs said snacks at said times for the same said reasons. ;)

10. I like being tan.

11. I especially like when my tan is for a week in Destin with my whole family.

12. Tennis is a new sport that our family enjoys. Especially for combatting #7 and supporting #10. Also, I don't feel as dumb wearing tennis skirts since I played 3 whole times this summer.

13. Katelynn's bucket list includes: red buckets, green buckets, blue buckets, and pink buckets. (Spelled bukets). She may not understand what a bucket list is. We may not have explained it to her because we thought it was so funny.

14. Giggling with my family is my favorite summer activity.

15. Just being with my family is my favorite place to be.

What did you learn over your summer vacation??

Joyfully full of it,

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