Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Almost Famous

This weekend was spent in Dallas with my handsome husband. We went to a wedding for a very dear friend from high school. I got to see my beautiful friends from high school (and elementary school...) and meet Gretchen from the Real Housewives.
 Meet Miranda. Friends forever...really, for at least 30 years. I don't know why she is still my friend and I am so blessed by her. You can follow her journey with twin boys here. She also actually took a picture of the beautiful bride...

 The picture of 3: Me, Erica, Miranda
Erica is my fabulous friend from high school. She has the coolest life. She doesn't blog because her life is so busy. Her joy flows from her words and actions every time I get to see her.
 The beautiful addition to this picture is Amanda. Friend from high school. I don't get to see her enough because she is a real grown up with a grown up job.
 And here's where I am almost famous. I think I was telling them that I didn't have cable and hadn't seen their show. But I still wanted a picture to show my sister. 
 I'm currently waiting for the producers to ask me to come in for a cameo and maybe a re-occuring role. I astounded them with my wit!

Maybe that's a stretch. 

The "fiance" walked up to Mike and this is how that conversation went...

Fiance: So, do you know who I am?
Mike: No. Should I? I'm Mike Lewis who are you?
Fiance: You really don't know who I am? I'm on TV.
Mike: Like on the news? I'm sorry, we aren't from Dallas. What channel are you on?
Fiance: .....(silence)....
Mike: We don't have cable. Or a computer at home.
Fiance: That's what she said. Really? We are on the Real Housewives.
Mike: We have an iPad. Could we watch your show on the iPad?
Fiance: Probably. ......(walked away)...

Don't you love my husband???

Joyfully full of all kinds of stuff!

 View from our hotel room...Hot date! WOo-hoo...

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  1. Wonderful to see these girls all grown up! So very proud of my confident perfectly cool son-in-law too! You go Mike!!