Thursday, March 21, 2013


Have you taken time to breathe in and exhale? Exhale the yuck. The frustrations. The holy crispness of the day. Exhale. Five minutes to you will rinse the soul.

I've missed y'all. So much family time without the unglued support group can be dangerous!

I tried to take time for me during the break. Practiced yoga at Aunt Linda's once. Lots of reading too. It was wonderful. I even got a sunburn on my feet.

Now we are back to it. I keep finding myself reading books and blogs about how loved we are. And how that love is sustaining and strengthening.

I have some ideas and exciting plans for us as we finish up the school year. Can wait to see you beauties on Friday!!

Joyfully full of it...just wait, I've saved up three weeks of me just for you. ;)

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