Friday, March 1, 2013

Get Out Of The Way

This started as a vent to the lady that flipped me off this morning. And to the multiple elite drivers that cut me off on my commute in.... elite (sarcasm). They must be elite because they obviously feel they are far superior to me and my car. How dare I drive on a road built for them...

Unrelated: I need to invent a sarcasm font so that you know when it's dripping onto the page...

Back to it... It dawned on me as I fantasized how to ram into her Mercedes with the love of Christ that maybe (sarcasm font) I need to pray about my attitude and pay attention to how I love the world around me. Even though its full of non-driving selfish fools. (Okay, got it out.... I feel better)

Here's my revelation.... I'm not in charge. God has showed me time and time again that I am not the boss (much to my dismay). The few times I have relinquished that control an overwhelming peace kicks that well of entitlement out of my mind and heart. LOVE. It's not just a four letter word valentine theme. If we are to live gracious lives that ooze patience and humility, we must love those fools.

I thought of Job and how my silly commute is nothing compared to what he endured. (Then I felt so very small... And un-entitled). If you don't know the story, check it out. The book of Job in the bible. Even his friends turned on him... Makes my Facebook-fast isolation seem ridiculous. At least I don't have boils all over my body (ignore the new chin my face has decided to grow - zit city!)

My verse to start March is from Job.

Job 42:2, ESV version
I know that you can do all things and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.

The Message version
I'm convinced: You can do anything and everything. Nothing and no one can upset your plans.

(Can we say Heavenly Slap!!!!???!!!)

I trust that every car i passed is watched and loved by my Heavenly Father. i do not deserve His love more. Mrs. Mercedes needed my love today. I pray that someone shows her kindness today and that tomorrow she is able to be gracious to her husband and family because she was so blessed by someone today.

Lift your head up and put your smile on.
Be kind to someone today and know that your love well will be filled in return!

Joyfully full of it,

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